Aluminium Beneficiation Initiative

The Aluminium Beneficiation Initiative (ABI) was launched in 2015, whilst 2018/19 marked something of a "new beginning" with a re-focus on its vision and modus operandi with much work put in towards redirecting activities and aligning activities with the entity's goals and objectives. Much of 2019 was occupied with rebuilding, re-establishing and reconnecting. The ABI partnered with a business incubation partner, Raizcorp, to provide support to entrepreneurs who joined the ABI programme.

ABI Objectives

Our vision is to identify and support 100 entrepreneurs in the aluminium fabrication sector, and guide them to becoming sustainable businesses within two years so that each of these businesses attains an annual consumption of at least 50 tons of aluminium.

The core goals of the ABI are:

  • To identify entrepreneurs that are currently using or could use aluminium to manufacture downstream aluminium products;
  • To identify black entrepreneurs who could become suppliers to ABI founders and to the broader South African aluminium industry; and
  • To identify factors that inhibit the growth of these entrepreneurs, and to propose and facilitate strategic interventions to overcome these constraints, so as to catalyse growth in aluminium fabrication/ beneficiation in South Africa.
  • The ABI Approach

    The ABI approach is encapsulated in its value proposition – “identify, connect and sustain” – and involves the following:

  • Identifying a pool of “high-impact” entrepreneurs in aluminium fabrication;
  • Catalysing a network of resources through partnerships and networking to increase ABI capacity and capability to support the growth of these entrepreneurs; and
  • Facilitating targeted business support that addresses specific challenges related to growing selected entrepreneurs.
  • Qualifying ABI participants are expected to be at least 51% black-owned and/or 30% black women owned. Prospective participating entrepreneurs are either at an early development stage or at a growth stage but could also be at a more mature stage in their business cycle. A structured selection process precedes an invitation to qualifying entrepreneurs for them to participate in the ABI programme. This selection process incorporates an audit of the entrepreneur’s business compliance, due diligence, an entrepreneurial assessment, and a business presentation done by the entrepreneur.

    There are specific strategic interventions that ABI has implemented, and these include:

  • Tailored business incubation and development through the Raizcorp programme;
  • Technical and professional support;
  • Marketing support;
  • Coaching and mentorship; and
  • Facilitation of business funding.