Our Operations

The ABI program is designed to identify qualifying entrepreneurs and place them into an entrepreneur development programme. ABI has partnered with Raizcorp to provide support packages in the form of developmental, accelerator and business support to the entrepreneur. ABI endeavours to assist the entrepreneur with contextualizing the business model, developing the brand and assuring it is sustainable and implementing a strategy and execution plan. This includes, establishing performance metrics and business milestones and lastly an exit plan for the entrepreneur.

High Impact Entrepreneur

Who does ABI look for? We look for an entrepreneur who has a bankable business plan that speaks unambiguously to a product that needs to be manufactured, a process to be improved and so forth. In addition, the entrepreneur must be able to explain his/her business concept clearly and must demonstrate an understanding of how to execute the business plan.

Entrepreneurs will fall into one of three development categories: early stage, growth phase or mature stage. In each instance, the participant business must have the potential to be scaled and must have the potential for job creation. The ideal entrepreneur should have both business and financial acumen and must possess good communication and networking skills.

In addition, the entrepreneur should be technology savvy, must be able to adopt new technology to adopt new technology and must be able to implement the technology to enhance business competitiveness. The applicant must be personally involved in the operations of the business and can either be in business alone, in partnership or as part of a co- operative (existing or potential). Ideally the applicant’s business should be 51% black owned and must be B-BBEE compliant. The applicants can operate in various sectors of the aluminium industry, however those businesses in the transport sector, automotive sub- sector, energy and renewable sectors, are seen as the prime targets due to considerations of volume, technology, economic impact and future. This does not preclude the participation of businesses active in other industry sectors.